The new kitchen journal

Dive on in: a focus on all the things that makes life simpler, more beautiful and more endearing – presented over 220 pages in the new journal.

The most beautiful things in life, presented on 220 pages – under the motto “Live. Love. Cook.“ , we have given our journal an important update this year. The reader can expect a lively, magazine-like style and realistic storytelling in combination with authentic imagery and a clear structure.

This way, the new content is given the perfect stage for a more emotional and atmospheric presentation. Furthermore, ths makes the new journal easier to read: an invitation for inspiration and taking some time to browse!

In order to allow a more interactive and flexible use, we are now also making our journal available digitally as a flip page catalogue! In addition to the existing content, you will find photo galleries and videos for inspiration as well as links to the website and articles with further information.

May 2023 | Redaktion